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UK CBD Market on a High amidst Global Pandemic and Restrictive Regulations

Just when you thought the ‘hype’ around CBD adoption was a passing fad, UK’s nascent CBD market happens to be among the few industries maintaining an upward growth amidst the recent COVID-19 pandemic devastation in the UK economy The past few years have seen unprecedented growth in the UK’s CBD market. Thanks to vague regulatory […]

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New UK medical cannabis products cheaper and safer than black market

Sapphire Medical Clinics are first to offer access to a new range of UK manufactured medical cannabis products which are now cheaper and safer than the black market. Sapphire Medical Clinics has announced the introduction of the new medical cannabis range, which will significantly reduce costs for patients whilst remaining at the highest quality as determined […]

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New Country Set to Make Some Noise on the Medical Cannabis Market

Although their strict cannabis policy remains in place, Rwanda stepped into the CBD market. According to reports, the small African country is ready to make growing and exporting medical cannabis products easier for the businesses involved in the future. It is confirmed that in a historic move, the government of Rwanda has approved the guidelines for […]

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More Than One Million UK Adults Eligible for New Medical Cannabis Card

From 1 November this year, a new cannabis exemption card will be available to protect medicinal cannabis patients from arrest and legal prosecution in the UK. Over 1 million people in the UK may be eligible for the Cancard through their GPs. The initiative is supported by the Police Federation, medical cannabis patients, and MPs […]

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Medicinal cannabis may play a significant role during COVID-19

Early studies indicate that medicinal cannabis may have potential in treating the symptoms of COVID-19. COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing down just yet and vaccines are still several months away, perhaps even a year. The rush to try drugs already on the market has led to dramatic purchases by some governments in a bid to […]

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Almost half the people in the UK are unaware that Medical Cannabis is legal

Up to half of people in the UK are unaware that medical cannabis is legal in the UK, according to an ongoing poll by Canex. Out of 13,254 respondents, 46% revealed that they were unaware of the 2018 rescheduling which made medical cannabis legal in the UK. Legalising Medical Cannabis Cannabis was rescheduled (from schedule […]

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